15 of the Best Decision-Making Mental Models:

17 Equations that Changed the World

How to Train your Brain to Embrace Change

Project Management Planning Tool

American Coal Miner

SWOT Analysis

Project Management

Effective Leadership

Effects of Alloying Elements

Visualizing Raw Steel Production in 2023

Your Title Doesn't Make you a Leader

The World's Current Energy System

If You Practice These 7 Habits, Your Leadership Skills Are Among the Best in the Business

A Comprehensive Guide to Root Cause Analysis

Project Management Secret Weapon

Objectives and Key Results

Business Structure Basics

The Project Management Cycle

SWOT Analysis

Learning Pyramid

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved

The Climate Disclosure Fraud

FutureCoal CEO, Michelle Manook - World Coal Magazine

Personality Types

Blast Furnace Raw Materials

20 Sentences that will Increase your Productivity

Leadership isn't a Title

The Crystalline Structure of Steel

Types of Strategists

Leadership Styles

Leadership vs Management

Effect of Alloying Elements on Steel

Preventive Maintenance

Servant Leadership

Energy Realism

OKRs vs KPIs

Climate Models Exaggerate Effects of Global Warming

Myth: Coal Cannot Contribute to the Energy Transition

Porter's Four Generic Strategies

How Many Uses are there for Coal?

US Coal exports Account for Larger Share of a Shrinking Market

The High Performance Team Cheat Sheet

The Coal Hard Truth

The Three Circles of Influence

Proactive Maintenance Pyramid

How Can I Become a Leader?

10 Free World-Class Courses to be a World-Class Leader

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The Supercontinent of Pangea

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Geologic Time Scale

Meeting Roles - Navigating in Rough Seas

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120 Years of Stock Market History in One Chart

Worlds Largest Steel-Producing Countries

What's Your Stress Level

What I Can Control and What I Can't

Climate Modeling is a Racket

Leadership Styles

Rare Earths in Coal Interbeds

Motivation, Opportunity, and Ability Model

How do you lead a successful strategic planning team?


A Brighter, Sustainable Future for Coal

Effects of Common Alloying Elements on Steel Properties

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7 Principle points about responsible coal mining

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Leadership isn't about Titles

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20 Leadership Traits

Decison Making Process for an Effective Leader

Leaders with the Right Mindset

360 leadership

The Five Principles of Leadership

Cultivating emotional intelligence is foundational to remaining resilient & effective

What's your leadership style?

Top 10 list of risks and opportunities in mining

The Golden Rule of Leadership

3 Types of Empathy for Leaders

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Leaders who Listen

Strategic Planning Process

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10 Principles of Servant Leadership

The KPI Cheat Sheet

The EBITDA Cheat Sheet

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Leadership Training Technique That You're Not Using

Common Leadership Styles

Differences Between Leadership and Management

MBA on One Page

Situational Leadership

A Long-Term Timeline of Technology

What Leadership really is

Leadership and Management

Fossil Future

Visualizing U.S. Consumption of Fuel and Materials per Capita

Future of Work

Coal's contribution to our society could transcend its traditional role as a source of heat

How you lead each day impacts rentention!

From Underground to Overseas

Effects of Alloying Elements

WVU Study Shows American Coal Industry Generates $261 Billion in Economic Activity and 381,000 Jobs

The irrefutable case for a Fossil Future

Carbon Dioxide: "The Gas of Life"

Energy ROI

Mining is Essential to Life

The World's Energy Mix

Energy Allocation

The Confort Zone

How is your organization creating a place where your people want to stay and perform at their best?

Coal is cheaper, and more stable, than any other energy

Career Choice Analysis

Top 10 Leadership Qualities

Coals Contribution

Visualizing 50 Years of Global Steel Production

Cost-Effective Energy

50 Years of U.S. Electricity by Source

The Hard Math of Minerals

Ladder of Inference

The Most Important 2000 Years of Energy History

Evolution of Humanity's Energy System

More Work Required to Study "Settled" Climate Science

The Psychology Behind Meeting Overload

Hydrogen from Coal!

How much do European households pay for green energy?

Every American born this year will need 2.96 MILLION pounds of minerals, metals, and fuels in their lifetime

World Wide Energy Production by Source 1860 - 2019

Build Back Better with America's Met Mines

17 Equations that changed the World

No place for new coal in $5tr/y transition to net-zero by 2050

There Are 4 Modes of Thinking

Six levels of delegation in practice

The seven Cs of Success

The world's energy system must be transformed completely

Mining and our standard of living are inextricably linked

The Counterintuitive Truth about Earth's Resources

Over 3.5 billion lack reasonably reliable access to electricity

At a Global Level, Coal is Still the Dominant Fuel for Power Generation

Rising Global Coal Demand by 2050 Unavoidable

The historic decline of US coal

Carbon Dioxide Emissions 2000-2018

Incredible Map of Pangea With Modern-Day Borders

IEEFA Coal Outlook 2020

Every Leader Needs to Navigate These 7 Tensions

Declining Coal Prices Accentuate a Dismal Year for Coal

What are the Cheapest Sources of Electricity

Coal Market by Type and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2020-2024

Climate risk and decarbonization: What every mining CEO needs to know

It Doesn't Pay to Bet Against Modern China

NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth's solar orbit

Case for Coal

Global Warming is a Hoax

Despite 'political tug-of-war,' the US 'still needs fossil fuels': DOE General Counsel

World Coal Association

Converting Coal into High Value-Added Products

U.S. Closes Coal Plants as the Developing World Builds Them

Top 10 Leadership Qualities

Peter Drucker's Advice to Aspiring Leaders

Researchers map global economy in collaboration with LinkedIn

Recession Fears are Overdone

Where is Coal Found?

Trade Disputes and Increased Demand Cause Shifts in International Coal Markets

Economic Status in Appalachia - FY 2020

We Make Poor Long Term Decisions Through a Short Term Lens - Here's Why

BP Statistical Review of World Energy - 2019

A New Way to Measure Availability of Resources

The 10 Ingredients That Every Strategy Should Have

Interactive Map: The World's Top Fossil Fuel Producers

How Does Earth's Carbon Cycle Work?

Dancin' With the Devil

WV 21 Major Coal Seams Limits

The political hijacking of climate change

Full year 2019 PRB production could be lowest since 1996

The surprisingly sustainable case for coal

The Future of Coal

Want to Stop Climate Change? (March, 2019)

Highest and Best Use Analysis (February, 2019)

Are We on the Road to Civilisation Collapse? (February, 2019)

Global Energy Perspective 2019

World GDP by Country 1961-2017 (November, 2018)

4 Reasons Why 'Climate Change' Is a Flat-Out Hoax (October, 2018)

The Economic Impact of Coal in West Virginia (Summer, 2018)

Thirty Years On, How Well Do Global Warming Predictions Stand Up? (June, 2018)

The Real Costs of U.S. Energy (June, 2018)

American Coal - Issue 1 2018 (June, 2018)

Two steps forward, one step back (June, 2018)

WSJ What life is like in the coal-mining boomtowns of Appalachia (June, 2018)

VOX The story of coal in the 21st century, in one amazing map (June, 2018)

WSJ Changes in wages since September 2010 (June, 2018)

Growth in the Global Energy Mix from 2016 to 2040 (April, 2018)

Boosting US coal exports vital to WV's economy (February, 2018)

US RTE 52 from Kimball to Mercer county had hundreds of these (February, 2018)

Energy Outlook 2018 (February, 2018)

Alpha Natural Resources - Press Release (February, 2018)

US power sector coal consumption increasingly shifting to refined coal (December, 2017)

Coal vs Natga (September, 2017)

The Energy Revolution Will Be Optimized (August, 2017)

The death of US coal, in charts (August, 2017)

Appalachia comes up small in era of giant coal mines (May, 2017)

Three game changers for energy (April, 2017)

The Future of Coal (April, 2017)

Short Peabody. Long Live Pea'v'ody (March, 2017)

Evolution of U.S. Coal Producers through 2018 (November, 2016)

Adverse Actions by Obama Administration (November, 2016)

11-point checklist to prepare for combat (November, 2015)

Appalachia Miners Wiped Out by Coal Glut That They Can�t Reverse (April, 2015)

IHS Presentation (June, 2014)

Global Consumption is Surging (April, 2014)

Doyle Trading Company Lunch - Q&A (December, 2012)

Dodd-Frank Commentary (August, 2012)

Coal Trans Conference (February, 2012)

US Coal - Looking for Growth Overseas (January, 2012)

Coal Industry Presentation (April, 2011)

Industry Overview (February, 2011)

PRB Constraints (March, 2010)

Top Ten Issues Facing The US Coal Industry (August, 2009)

CERAWEEK Commodity Cycle (February, 009)

Coal will feed Virginia's power needs - Roanoke Times (March, 2008)

Mineral Resources Outstanding Alumni Speech (September, 2005)

Eastern Fuel Buyers Conference (May, 2003)

EPRI Coal Markets Workshop (June, 2002)

EPRI Outline Dulles Airport Power Point (June, 2002)

The Hunters and the Hunted (January, 1999)

Safety Summit Speech (1996)

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